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Welcome to Kaddy's Corner

I am near to celebrating my 50th birthday and have decided it's time to throw my hat in the ring in the field of edu-tainment.  In my recovery I have found many resources that taught me well, but found many lacking in being entertaining.  I saw room for myself to share my voice and my vision for a better world.  Sharing the stories of my life, my recovery and my personal triumphs (and failures)

I was raised in a small southern town in Virginia and moved to NYC after college with a degree in theatre. Now I am living in Brooklyn and working as a bartender.  In getting to where I am now I have learned many lessons.  I have seen (and lived) the toll that anxiety, depression, stress and unhealthy behaviors takes on our souls.  

I have been a student of self development for awhile now, always curious about what I "don't know." I am continuing on the journey to heal and grow but am compelled to share and teach those lessons too.  

Let's work together to make ourselves, each other and ultimately the WORLD better!


Frequently Asked Questions

What's this site about?


It's about holding onto hope. About finding different solutions to your problems.

What's your experience?


I am a 49 year old woman who's had varied careers.

Where do I go from here?


Browse. Peruse. Follow links. Whatever you want to do now.....DO!